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      Linyi city is located at the southeast of Shandong Province, bordering Jiangsu Province in the south and facing the Yellow sea to the east Linyi has a temperate climate and rich precipitation, with mountain areas, hilly land and plains taking 1/3 respectively.

  Linyi exercises jurisdiction over 9 counties, including Linshu, Tancheng, Cangshan, Junan, Yishui, Pngyi, Feixian and Mengyin as well as three districts such as Lanshan,Luozhuang and Hedong. Linyi,with a total area of 17,184 sqkm and a total population of 10.0 million, is the largest administrative division of the whole province in terms of area and population.

   Linyi City is a famous cultural city with a 2400-year history. In the 1970s, the Sunzi's Art of War and Sunbin's Art of War that stirred the world were unearthed here. It is a place propitious for giving birth to great man, Zhuge Liang, the well-known politician and strategist of the Three Kingdoms Period, and Wang Xizhi, the famous calligrapher in the Eastern Jin Dynasty were all born here. As a new developing modern city, Linyi has perfect infrastructure and complete city function. Yanzhou-Shijiusuo Railway at the east section of 'Eurasian Continental Bridge' runs across Linyi City from east to west; Beijing-Shanghai Expressway passes the city from north to south. It's very convenient for marine transportation for its location adjoining to Qingdao, Rizhao and Lianyungang ports. The modern and comfortable Linyi Airport opens various airlines, which connecting Linyi City with main large and medium-sized cities all over the country. You can also take advantage of the city's advanced communications, abundant electric power, rich natural resources, developed commerce and trade, charming tourism environment, advantageous investment environment and favorable foreign-related services. The most marked superiority of Linyi City is in favorable policies, honest folkway and innovative and warmhearted Linyi people, as well as in its great potentialities and commercial environment of sustainable development.

    Linyi has formed an industrial system with light industry, textile, foodstuffs, machine building, electronics, chemical, building materials, coal, medicine, gold, porcelain and new materials as the major sectors, featuring a certain scale, technical level Amarket coverage thanks to the rapid development over the past 50-odd years since the founding of New China, particularly since the reform and opening-up. There are more than 2,000 industrial enterprises at township level and above, which produce over 3,000 varieties of products. Among others, granite slabs, cement, building ceramics, gypsum products, engineering machinery, plant protection machinery, motorcycles, knitted products, cotton yarns, foodstuffs, beverage, sports shoes, daily porcelain, plastic products, compound fertilizer, fine chemicals and so forth have become famous and high quality products that have ready markets both at home and abroad. The engineering machinery covers a certain market share in the domestic market. The plant protection machinery is mainly exported to the countries and regions in Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia. The annual production capacity of meat products is 0.8 million tons and that of cement 12 million tons. The processing capacity of granite slabs is 2.5 million sqm. Its an annual production capacity of 3 million tons of compound fertilizer has made it a production base of compound and mixed fertilizers of China.

      Optimization of Investment Environment
  1. Improvement of hard investment environment. Emphasis shall be laid on the construction of gardens and zones for foreign investment. -- Gardens or zones with a relative concentration of foreign-invested enterprises shall be established in order to suit the demand of investors from outside for concentration in production facilities and living quarters. High level supporting utilities shall be constructed in the
  gardens and zones, and roads, telecommunications facilities and water, electric power and heat supply shall be made available. Linyi Municipal Government shall lay emphasis on the construction of supporting utilities of the New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Counties and districts shall concentrate their strength on the construction of a 3-5 square kilometer garden or zone with complete utilities.
  -- To optimize gardens or zones and their peripherals. Environmental pollution in the vicinity of gardens and zones shall be controlled. Gardens and zones shall be beautified, cleaned and greened so as to upgrade their attraction to investors from outside.
  -- To construct standard factory buildings to solicit investors. A batch of standard factory buildings shall be constructed, which will be rented free of charge or at discounted rent within a certain period in order to lower the investment cost and enhance the attraction to investors.
  2. Optimization of soft investment environment.
  Administration by Law. Protect the fine investment environment by law. Administrative organizations for law enforcement at all levels must administer by the law and work under the principle of openness, impartiality, justice and transparency. Law enforcement departments shall be supported in the performance of their duties in accordance with the laws to safeguard market economic order and a fair competition environment. The relationship between performing duties according to the law and protecting the legal interests of investors shall be correctly handled. Under the condition of enforcing the state laws and regulations, the consciousness of the whole situation and of development shall be enhanced. Seeking personal gains or gains of small groups in the name of performing legal duties shall be most decidedly opposed to. Abusing power for personal gain shall be most decidedly opposed to.
  -- Rectify administrative and institutional charges. All administrative and institutional charges shall be examined on a collective basis. All competent charging departments are required to submit their lists of charges, evidence of charge, and documents of charge approval within set time. The competent city departments shall jointly establish a charge check-up leading group, which shall check up all the items of charges. After the concentrated check-up of items of charges, Linyi Municipal Government shall issue "Notice of Linyi Municipal Government on Detailed Administrative and Institutional Charges for Enterprises Invested by Investors from Outside" (the "Notice"). Enterprises are entitled to refuse payment of any administrative and institutional charges that are not included in the "Notice".
  -- Rectify illegal and unjustifiable examinations, apportions, competitions and goal-achieving. Enterprises invested by investors from outside shall be examined and administered according to the laws. Competent authorities shall upgrade the transparency and efficiency of their administration. Any illegal charges, fines, support assistance and/or hard sell to enterprises invested by investors from outside by any units or individuals shall be prohibited. Designation of constructors, hard buy and/or hard sell of equipment and materials, or designation of inter- mediate organs and insurance companies for enterprises invested by investors from outside shall be forbidden. Asking for bribery or infringement of their interests in any form is strictly forbidden. In case of any violation of these regulations, the persons who are directly responsible and the persons in charge of the unit shall either be criticized on a circular of criticism or through the news media or by disciplinary actions within the party or administrative disciplinaryary measures. Those who violate the law shall be prosecuted for the criminal responsibility by the judicial organs.
  -- Investment environment protection "110" and foreign investor complaint center shall be established. Economy "110" shall be established by Linyi City Commission for Discipline Inspection (Supervisory Bureau) at the address of and work under the same roof with Merchants & Investment Invitation Office of the Merchants Bureau. Protection of the normal production and management of enterprises invested by foreign investors and investors from outside shall be enhanced. Departments or units who effect examinations, charges, competitions, appraisals and/or make arrangements in enterprises invested by foreign investors and investors from outside on an arbitrary basis, in particular, shall be cracked down. Conscientiously handle foreign investor complaint cases at the soonest possible time. Results shall be returned to complainers within 30 days after acceptance of foreign investor complaint cases. In case of complicated cases, the term may be longer. However, the complainers shall be notified of the progress
  and latest development of the cases at 15-day intervals. The longest term shall not exceed two
  -- All relevant departments, enterprises and institutions must work in accordance with the
  laws, seriously enforce agreements and contracts signed with foreign investors and promises they have made so as to safeguard the prestige of Linyi in attracting investors and absorbing investment..
  III. Raise Working Efficiency 3. A "one-stop service hall" shall be established. All approving departments concerned under Linyi Municipal Government and State Tax Bureau, Local Tax Bureau, Linyi Customs, Commodity Inspection & Quarantine Bureau. the Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce and others shall dispatch exclusive staff to the "service hall" for joint administration. All
  relevant departments must promulgate and promise their contents of work, working procedure and standard time limit in order to achieve "one-door acceptance, joint examination and approval, charge at one window, completing formalities within time limit". All formalities for projects to be examined and approved by departments at city level must be completed within 3 workdays commencing on the day of application. All formalities for projects to be examined and approved by departments at provincial level must be completed within 15 workdays.
  4. Simplification of administration procedure. City. county and district shall accelerate the
  reform of approval and examination system. All the examination and approval items that have been explicitly canceled by regulations of the province must be canceled. On this basis, Linyi City shall continue to cancel a batch of examination and approval items that do not match market economy in accordance with the specific situation of this city. Administrative process shall be standardized. All projects that shall be examined and approved by one department, as is explicitly regulated by the law, shall be done by that department exclusively. Examination and approval involving more than one department and more than one offices within one department shall be done in the "one-stop service hall". Examination and approval powers shall be released to counties and districts against specific conditions. All projects that may or may not be examined and approved shall not need examination or approval.

      Linyi abounds in natural resources. The output of honeysuckle ranke the top position in the country. The output of ginkgo, garlic, Chinese chestnut and husbandry products ranks the top position in Shandong Province.The outputs of grain,fruits and peanut rand the second position in Shandong Province As for the production of vegetables,Linyi is called the "south vegetable garden of Shandong" due to its large scale,good quality and non-pollution .Other special local products,such as Pingyi honeysuckle,Cangshan garlic,Tancheng ginkgo and eight-treasure fermented soybean,are well-known at home and abroad as well
  The water resources of Linyi are very rich.The water quality is fine as well.For many years runing,the average annual precipitation and runoff has kept 824.8 mm The total amount of water resources reaches 59.6 billion cubic m. The amount of groundwater exploitable can reach 18 billion cubic m.36 medium-and large-sized reservoirs are constructed in the city.So Linyi is one of the richest areas in Shandong Province in terms of freshwater resources.
  As a booming commercial city emerging after the reform and opening,the city proper of Linyi is distributed with numerous commercial mansions and many businessmen gather here.In the city,999 markets of various kinds have been constructed In 2001,the total volume of business hit 423billion yuan,among which 255 billion yuan was turned over in Wholesale City.Linyi Wholesale city ranks the top position among the industrial products wholesale markets of Shandong Province in terms of comprehensive returns and ranks the third position among the 10 big industrial products wholesale markets in China It has preliminarily become an import and circulation center of talent,materials and fund in southeast Shandong as well as the biggest collection and distribution spot of commodities of such regions as Shandong,Jiangsu,Henan and Anhui.In addition,in the city proper of Linyi,there are 10-odd large-large-sized plazas and numerous supermarkets.





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