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☉ Location Advantage

Laiwu City is located in the middle of Shandong Province and close to native place of Confucius. It has splendid culture with a long history, a total area of 2,246 square kilometers and a population of 1.24 million. The Laicheng District ㄛ Gangcheng District and a province-level economic development zone are under its jurisdiction. As a newly-developed industrial city ㄛ Laiwu city enjoys the reputation of ※Green Steel City§ and ※Bright Pearl in the Middle of Shandong Province§.

☉ Resources Advantage

Laiwu city is rich with natural resources and minerals. Up to now, more than 10 reserves of coal, iron, copper, gold, aluminium, zinc, marble, lime-stone etc. Have been ascertained. The proved reserves of coal is 0.95 billion tons and iron ore is 0.65 billion tons ranking the first in East China area. Currently 4 million tons of raw coal and 3.6 million tons of iron ore were produced annually.

☉ Industrial Advantage

Laiwu's industrial foundation is good. The industrial production system has been formed with iron and steel industry as the dragon's head and the coal, electricity, textiles, garments, building materials, machinery, chemical and new materials as its pillar. The annual output of steel products, steel materials, pig iron and the capacity of iron and steel deep processing have reached 7 million tons, 7.2 million tons, 6 million tons and 2.5 million tons respectively. At present, the 0.5 million spindles in Laiwu city produce annually 0.1 billion meters grey cloth and 18 million pieces of garments. There are 44 enterprises of iron and steel in Laiwu city, among which 25 are for auto parts, therefore Laiwu city is the production base of iron and steel, automobile components and a important production base of textiles and garments.

☉ Characteristic Agriculture

Laiwu is the famous base of grain, fruits and vegetables. Among them the total annual output of ginger, onion and garlic is 738,000 tons with a total plantation area of 25,600 hectares, therefore is named as ※ The land of garlic§. Laiwu produces annually 7,500 tons of pepper strong sweet-smelling and is also named§ The Land of Pepper§. It also produces annually more than 40 thousand tons of honey peach with a total plantation area of 2,600 hectares, and is named as ※the Land of Honey Peach§. Laiwu's ※Three Black§(black pig, black chicken and black goat) is the fine varieties of poultry and livestock in north China. In Laiwu city, there are more than 1,000 processing enterprises for agriculture produce with a total annual production capacity of 470,000 tons and 125 constant warehouses which is the biggest constant warehouse group.

☉ Energy Base

Laiwu is the energy base of Shandong province with sufficient electric supply. The total generating capacity is 2 million kilo watt and the annual generating energy is 10 billion kilo watt/H. The electricity price for industrial use is lower than other regions in Shandong province. The supply of coal gas is sufficient with a daily supply capacity of 70,000 cubic meters. The natural gas will be put into use soon. The central heating has been putting into practice in urban area with a total daily supply capacity of 105 tons/h.

☉  Convenient Transportation

Laiwu's transportation is convenient with 3 expressways connecting the expressways of Beijing 每 Shanghai, Beijing 每 Fuzhou and Qingdao 每 Jinan respectively. Its density of expressways ranks the first in Sandong province. The expressways of Laiwu 每 Jinan and Laiwu 每 Qingdao under construction will be completed in 2007, and at that time it will only take 40 minutes respectively form Laiwu to jinan and 2 hours form Laiwu to Qingdao port by bus drive, and moreover, it will only take 5 and 6 hours respectively from Laiwu to Beijing and Laiwu to Shanghai bu bus drive. The above two expressways will be crossed at Laiwu and connect the two railways of Jiaodong-Jinan and Beijing 每 Shanghai and will make the transportation more convenient.

☉  City Environment

Laiwu has formed complete city functions and comfortable living environment by its idea of ※creating a beautiful environment, constructing comfort-able homeland§. The rate of reaching the drinkable water standard is 100%. The present house refuse is removed and the removing and innocuous disposal rate has reached 100%. Laiwu has been awarded the titles of ※National Sanitary City§, ※National Outstanding City of Comprehensive Environmental Realignment§ and ※Shandong Garden City§.

Laiwu's total reservoir volume reached 0.43 billion cubic meters, the capacity of daily urban water supply has reached 205,000 cubic meters and the popularization rate of water supply has reached 98%:The volume of stored program controlled electronic telephone switching system has 320,000 switches. The number of mobile has reached 180,000 in this city and the averages of mobile per 100 people is 15. The programme of electronic business affairs and electronic government affairs has greatly promoted of local economy.

☉  Human Resources

Laiwu's labor resources is rich with high cultural quality. There are 40,000 college-graduated or junior-college graduated students, 44,000 people who have received secondary specialized education, 225,000 skilled workers and 43,000 professional technicians in Laiwu city, among them 3,300 are senior technical personnel.

☉  Service Functions

Laiwu has set up an administration service center which provides our investors a streamlined examination and approval service, and a omnibearing follow-up service. There are set-ups of customs, quarantine, inspection and foreign currency settlement in Laiwu city, so it is very convenient to do import and export business here.

Laiwu city has made out ※The Environment is the lifeline of Laiwu's development§. To overseas customers, we have been implementing the protection system of ※one man( a liaison man), two cards ( overseas investment enterprise's green card, overseas investor's green card), one permit ( special traffic permit for vehicles),§ enabling overseas investors create and develop their industries in the environment of safety, comfort and being free from worry. We will truly spare no efforts to let overseas investors and Laiwu get rich by being close to businessman, respecting businessman, comforting businessman and making businessman rich..

☉  Zone Construction

Laiwu Economic Development Zone is a province-level development zone. Since May 2001, it has being developed rapidly, its planned area has expanded to 35 square kilo meter from 12.5 square kilo meters. With its scientific design, standard management, beautiful environment, and complete installation, this zone has finished the facilities of roads, gas, water, drainage, steam, and broadband communication system and set up a bonded-warehouse with volume of 750000 tons and a container distribution center. Up to now, more than 160 overseas businessman have made investment and set up their companies (factories) in this development zone. Meanwhile, in order to speed up the development of the iron and steel industry, Laiwu city has planned and constructed Laigang Yinshan Industrial Zone and Taigang Industrial Zone, so that the projects of iron and steel processing industry can settle down here.

Laiwu District laid special stress on planning and constructing North Industrial Zone, Fengcheng Industrial Zone, Fangxia Industrial Zone etc.;

Gangcheng District laid special stress on planning and constructing Laiwu Economic Zone Gangcheng Sub-District and Yanzhuang Industrial Zone etc. With complete functions and perfect supporting facilities, all these Zones provide overseas investors with good supporters for set up projects.

☉ Sightseeing and Tourism

Laiwu is rich with tourist resources with beautiful natural scene, The main scenic spots are: Qilu Canyon Group, The Ecological Village of ※the Families in the Sky§, Snow-Wild Lake Scene, Qishan Forest Park etc. It will only take half an hour's bus ride to reach Taishan-the head among the five famous mountains, and 1 hour's bus ride to qufu, the native place of Confucius. The green Laiwu and charming scene will make people unwilling to leave.





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