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· China's men's soccer team aims top-four at Asian Games
· China's green, green energy of home
· China navy trains college students offshore
· China adopts stricter pesticide residue standard
· Donation Ceremony for SDU Xue Yusheng Education Fund Held
· Chinese Premier stresses urbanization, modern agriculture
· Concrete reform helps growth: Chinese Premier
· Administrative reforms help stabilize economic growth: Chinese Premier
· Experts urge lending innovation for small firms
· Five cult members charged for intentional homicide
· China approves marine development pilot in Qingdao
· Delegation of Dutch Leiden University Visits SDU
· SDU Awards Honorary Professor to Distinguished Academics Prof. Goran K Hansson and Prof. Peter Libby
· President of Ohio University Roderick McDavis Visits Shandong University
· Kim Gwang-lim, a Member of the National Assembly of the ROK, Visits Shandong University
· Language, culture disparities keep Chinese literature from going abroad
· Brazilian midfielder Elias declines Shandong Luneng offer
· Spring Festival firework sales sluggish amid smog
· Scholars suggest academic cleanup
· China authorizes eight baby formula testers
· Postgraduates from France Carry Out Post Practice in ZBVI
· Plan to name Confucius's birthday Teacher's Day stirs debate
· Deutsche Bank opens sixth branch on Chinese mainland
· Chinese family's mixed Japan memories on war anniversary
· Beijing rugby team faces penalty for match-throwing scandal
· Dinosaur fossils unearthed in east China
· Fish fry freed to rehabilitate Bohai Sea
· E China chemical plant fire extinguished
· Confucius' hometown seeks cooperation with Taiwan enterprises
· Lotus flowers blossom at scenery spot of Daming Lake in China's Jinan
· Financial crime suspects escorted back from Malaysia
· Relationships key to China wine success
· Yacht industry sails ahead
· 5 dead, 4 injured in E China road accident
· Death toll rises to 33 in E China plant blast
· Feature: A Chinese sailor navigates extremes
· Mo Yan book about Nobel trip debuts
· China's first aircraft carrier plans high-sea voyage
· Obama to unveil gun-control proposals Wednesday
· Syrian troops kill scores of rebels, parliament works for national dialogue
· "Zero Dark Thirty" tops North America weekend box office
· News Analysis: Retrial of Egypt's Mubarak increases chances for his release
· Iran's IRGC holds naval exercises: report
· Fresh exchange of fire between India, Pakistan armies in Kashmir
· Nationwide demonstrations held in France to protest gay marriage
· Beijing moves to curb prolonged haze pollution
· Obama nominates U.S. defense, CIA chiefs
· Former U.S. secretary of state Powell backs Hagel's Pentagon nomination
· Syrian president offers new vision for political solution in Syria
· The Designer's Granddaughter of the Old Railway Station's Transnational Roots-seeking tour in Jinan
· E China to become gold production center
· McGrady vows to help DoubleStar Eagles win Chinese league title
· Bhutan, Colombia win Confucius Prize for Literacy
· Chinese heavy industry firm takes stake in German truck maker
· China's bonded warehouses bursting with imported cotton
· 18 fishermen rescued in S. Korea
· Chinese pair enter men's table tennis semis at London Olympics
· Released Chinese fishermen return home from Russia
· The Designer's Granddaughter of the Old Railway Station's Transnational Roots-seeking tour in Jinan
· Four dead in car-chemical tanker crash in E China
· Weifang kite festival attracts international hobbyists
· Vice Premier hails manned sub's achievements
· 1 child killed, 8 injured in east China crash
· Rain expected to ease drought in east China
· China's research vessel Xuelong leaves Qingdao for 5th Arctic expedition
· China leads medals table at 3rd Asian Beach Games
· Qingdao to repel algae "green tide"
· Cross-cultural forum looks abroad
· Dead whale appears in college canteen
· China's pipe-laying ship to sail for South China Sea
· China holds cultural forum to promote harmony amid diversity
· Four dead in car-chemical tanker crash in E China
· Global harmony-themed conference mulls Confucian wisdom
· Cross-cultural forum looks abroad
· Myanmar to take part in 3rd Asian Beach Games in China
· Confucius in the 21st century
· Water conservation urged as "Spring City" dries
· Former sr. political advisor stands trial for corruption
· Hu's Cambodia visit to strengthen ties
· Rare earth association 'to launch next month'
· Websites closed, six detained for spreading rumors
· China's major microblogs suspend comment function to "clean up rumors"
· Battle to bring down Syria over: official
· French police arrest 19 Islamists after Toulouse shooting
· Surging Marbury lifts Beijing Ducks to their first-ever CBA title
· U.S. Treasury welcomes eurozone firewall deal
· Eurozone countries agree to boost firewall to 800 bln euros
· IMF chief welcomes eurozone efforts to strengthen firewall
· Most US NGOs not registered: report
· Central China city to open first subway line
· China encourages private investment in mineral exploration
· China mulls measures to boost imports
· Watchdog warns on bogus health foods
· Websites closed for spreading rumors
· 2012 Shandong Merchandise Fair opens in Osaka
· Jia Qinglin makes inspection tour in Shandong
· Rising costs worry farmers amid harvest expectations
· Qingdao gang boss sentenced to death
· 134 arrested for producing and selling "gutter oil" in east China
· First Clipper yacht to arrive in Qingdao
· Man gets 10-year sentence for Internet pornography
· More Chinese younger migrant workers hope to settle in cities
· Shandong province tops China's labor export list
· Chinese manufacturing company buys Ferretti Group
· Gift goat from Taiwan gives birth on Chinese mainland
· Three killed, two trapped in E China gold mine accident
· Chinese cabbages make for meaningful matrimony
· E. China province confirms 24 deaths from viral hemorrhagic fever
· China's 2nd largest oil field to up output to 27.5 mln tonnes in 2012
· Shandong-ASEAN trade volume up 39.6% in first eleven months in 2011
· Shandong to make air-quality jargon simpler
· Shandong-ASEAN trade volume up 39.6% in first eleven months in 2011
· E China airport to see over 160,000 tourists in 2011
· Trains delayed following malfunction on Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway
· E China airport to see over 160,000 tourists in 2011
· Dense smog cripples traffic, prompts surge in mask sales
· Officials, Party members urged to serve the people
· Officials, Party members urged to serve the people
· Vice governor of China's Shandong province dismissed from office
· Heavy fog disrupts traffic in east China
· 14 killed in chemical plant explosion in east China
· Shandong upsets Green-led Foshan 93-79 in CBA opener
· Wedding invitations become bills for young people
· 3 DPRK sailors dead, 8 still missing after ship sinks off east China coast
· China to launch massive survey on TCM resources
· China shuts down factories for producing counterfeit tissue paper
· Wedding invitations become bills for young Chinese
· Handicapped street artist writes his way to fame
· China's largest deepwater harbor to build vessel traffic service
· Deer as gift from Taiwan gives birth in Chinese mainland
· Haier, Sanyo reach final deal on transfer of white goods operations
· City education group founder jailed for rape
· Practice of Confucian ethics called for to boost credibility and integrity in business activities
· "Friendly Shandong" is promoting culture
· Shandong governor says huge potential for business with US
· Haier plans venture with Home Retail
· Wine Special: Changyu: From pioneer to global winemaker
· Cradle of Confucianism
· Practice of Confucian ethics called for to boost credibility and integrity in business activities
· Doctors arrested for illegal kidney transplant in north China
· City education group founder jailed for rape
· Chinese maritime official urges ConocoPhillips to clean up oil spills or face "enhanced supervision"
· Top court to toughen sea pollution penalties
· Over 1,000 sailors attend 3rd Qingdao International Sailing Week
· Fishermen's rights must be reflected in oil spill compensation plan: investigators
· Oil firm spots new Bohai leak sources
· Qingdao int'l beer fest attracts thousands
· China man arrested for killing wife, son and two neighbors
· Over 1,000 sailors attend 3rd Qingdao International Sailing Week
· Rogge sends message to Qingdao
· Benfica beats Adelaide United 2-0 in youth soccer tourney
· Historic town embraces Taiwan tourists
· Village officials attend university to expand leadership capabilities
· Qingdao top in satisfaction survey
· Sea-themed tourism attracts numerous visitors in Qingdao Underwater World
· Rescue effort for 24 trapped in China mine flood makes little progress
· U.S. top military officer visits PLA's air force base
· East China iron ore mine flood traps 21 underground
· Achievement Exhibition of the Special Operation against IPR Infringment and Counterfeiting
· 240 tonnes of green algae cleared from east China coastline
· Three rescuers die of heat stroke in fighting coal mine fire in E. China
· Senior US military officer arrives for China visit
· Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway resumes operation shortly after breakdown due to power failure
· Thirteen sailors rescued after accident near E China coast
· Yanzhou Coal targets $1.1 billion in initial sale
· Abandoned tiger cubs nursed by dog in Shandong
· Qingdao Aquarium presents different species of jellyfish
· Wildfire on Mount Tai extinguished
· Overseas youngsters seek roots in Shandong
· National aquatic food base to be built in Shandong
· Shandong smash Arema, Tianjin crash
· East China port city promotes sea burials
· Italian Luna Rossa wins Extreme Sailing Series in Qingdao
· Radiation concerns shrink seafood appetites in east China
· Singapore paper producer to boost investment in east China province by 4.6 bln USD
· China's Tsingtao Brewery 2010 net profit up 21.6%
· Tibet's largest solar power plant to become operational in May
· East China wheat basket braces for worst drought in 200 years
· One saved, nine missing after boat capsizes off E China coast
· Vancouver boat show selling the dream
· Deer, goats as gifts from Taiwan to roam in Shandong park in April: mainland official
· Chinese farmers struggle to fight severe drought
· Unjured HK Tourists leave Qingdao after road accident
· Sister city program benefits Shandong
· Nuclear power project starts
· Qingdao-Jiaozhou bridge construction begun
· China to develop its last untapped delta
· Ex-airport chief executed for corruption
· East China starts new voyage route to ROK
· Chinese navy to mark 60th anniversary
· Shandong cracks down on pyramid schemes
· US commanders will attend PLA fleet review
· Tire marks lead police to bike thief
· Computer makers to hit rural trail
· One more baby dies of hand, foot and mouth disease
· City boosts prevention efforts after baby deaths
· Four dead, six injured in refrigerated warehouse fire
· Molten steel spill kills four in E China
· Cab driver in China's Shandong executed for mutiple murders, rapes
· Bird flu kills woman in Shandong
· Death toll from fireworks plant blast rises to 13
· China to export rabbit meat to ROK
· One dead, two missing in east China oil tanker explosion
· Dinosaur City's record haul of 7,600 bones to shed light on extinction
· Yantai's voyage to globalization
· Qingdao opened up, then went global
· Quake-hit Beichuan county gets new home
· National computer exam postponed due to loss of exam papers
· China's largest luxury liner launched
· Old program lands groom-to-be in hot water
· Bloomage Biotechnology afloat amid lukewarm IPO arena
· Qingdao Olympic sculptures show artistic athletics
· Olympic sailing venue intensifies port surveilance
· Chinese firms need to improve work on home turf
· Sports stars light up Shandong relay
· Vice President calls for a high-level Beijing Olympics
· Peking Duck flies off UK menu on oven fears
· 1 m tickets set aside for students
· Olympic flame relayed on the sea in Olympic co-host Qingdao
· Olympic torch relay begins tour in Olympic co-host city Qingdao
· Qingdao Olympic regatta venue cleared of green algae
· Police called in to deal with popsicle big spender
· Guangxi, Shandong on green blacklist
· Students from quake areas heading home
· APEC conference for smaller firms underway
· ROK seeking to upgrade ties with neighbor
· Locals care for tourists
· President, Premier urge all-out efforts in train wreck
· Third official dismissed over train crash
· Speeding blamed for deadly train collision
· Rescue work continuing
· Survivors recount pre-dawn nightmare
· Accident due to 'human error'
· China orders world's largest mobile crane
· East China province gives ultimatum to polluters before Olympics
· Battlefield project to mark Kuomintang-led victory against Japan
· Search for 13 missing fishermen continues
· It's green or bust for Shandong governor
· Longkou forges ahead on building modern port
· Toothache problem proves tough as nails
· 'Cultural city' planed to revive Confucianism
· Farmers in Shandong keep two-digit income growth
· Swimming with card sharks
· Brilliant future seen for nuclear power
· Microsoft eyes Yahoo to topple Google
· Cross-Straits flights take off for Festival
· China says no cover-up in Olympics construction deaths
· Beijing blasts Taiwan's UN membership bid
· China ends freeze on new stock funds
· Severe winter weather may persist for another week
· Stampede kills one in Guangzhou railway station
· Zheng to go globe-trotting for club, country
· National highway target set for year
· Zoo turns lonely chimp into couch potato
· Cargo ship capsizes in Shandong, seven rescued
· Looks like size does matter in love
· Inebriated escapade lands man broken head
· WABCO opens new plant in Qingdao
· Health reform plan hindered by debate
· Ministry to take 35% stake in rail group
· Toddler found alive in plane wreckage
· Lack of US domestic saving cause of trade deficit
· Yuan breaks 7.47 mark against dollar
· Officials: Boy started fire with matches
· Ford speaks from the grave on Bill's 'sex addiction'
· Plea to back new curbs on Iran rejected
· Olympic ticket sales suspended
· New carrier rocket series to be built
· Lucky lottery player finally strikes it rich
· Quality of farm products strengthened
· Thieves exhausted by heavy haul
· China to fulfill UN millenium vow on water safety
· False pretenses land woman in jail
· Thieves caught struggling with 30 kg bag of coins
· Boozing bear likes beer, but drinks responsibly
· Shandong¡ªbirthplace of a civilization
· Life of great and wise man celebrated
· Special flights in Shandong Cultural Tourism Week
· Two vessels collide in China's Bohai Sea
· Chinese warships set sail for joint exercises
· Confucius' hometown to stage memorial ceremony in HK
· Farmer survives 50m fall off cliff
· State offers condolences
· Rainfall hampers rescue efforts to reach 181 miners
· Auto parts firm boosts Qingdao plant
· Woman brakes for injured cat
· Victims of crash re