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  'Affair' site lands girl under police surveillance  



A university student in East China's Shandong Province who exposed her father's "mistress" on the Web may be put under a two-year police surveillance for damaging the woman's reputation.

A court in Dingtao County said at the case's first hearing on Monday that Wang Jing had damaged the reputation of Li Cuilian, the so-called mistress, Qilu Evening News reported.

Li, in her early 40s, filed charges against the young woman last year, alleging that Wang had libeled her by naming her as Wang Zhihua's "mistress" on her anti-mistress webpage.

The court has ordered Wang Jing to delete the articles insulting Li within five days. It is not known if Wang Jing will appeal the order.

Wang Jing first came to learn her father was having an illegitimate affair in October 2003 when she was just 16.

"My father broke the peace of our family by having an affair with Li Cuilian," Wang was quoted by Legal Morning Post as having said.

Li lived for about six months in the same residential complex as Wang Zhihua and his family.

Wang Zhihua, 45, an official with the Shandong Land and Resources Bureau, told neighbors and other residents in the complex that Li was a distant relative.

But people.com.cn said Wang Zhihua was reportedly engaged to Li more than two decades ago. The two, however, later broke up.

"My father knows full well that the most dangerous place could also be the safest. He used to be a military officer," Wang Jing said.

Hurt by her father's "betrayal", Wang Jing was harsher with him than her mother, who works for a vocational high school, in her attempt to punish him for what she thought he had done.

So she presented him with something on Father's Day last year that he would never forget: a webpage detailing his "extra-marital affair". She posted petitions on the page, describing the trials and tribulations of her family, which she said had been "derailed by a wanton father".

She even visited the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in Beijing twice last year to seek action against him.

But all her efforts could not save her parents' marriage, which ended after 21 years in February 2006.

"We are connected by flesh and blood. He will always be my father," she told the Legal Morning Post. "He's always welcome.

"He loved me more than my mom," she said.

Throughout all this Wang Zhihua has kept his silence. Investigations have failed to prove that he was having an "ex-marital affair".





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