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  American doctor rescues Shandong passenger  




A passenger from Huantai, Shandong was suddenly taken ill when the T106 train prepared to leave for Jinan from Shanghai on 9:45 PM April 21. An American doctor and several Chinese doctors rapidly came to carry on urgent rescue to him at the critical time.


It was reported that the T106 train would leave Shanghai for Jinan at 10:10 pm. At 9:45 pm, a male passenger over 50 year-old just sat the seat and suddenly looked painfully and fell on the floor. He lost consciousness with twitch of body and purple lips. The passengers immediately notified the attendant on the train. Then the attendant informed Liuyan, the head of train crew immediately. Liuyan went to No.14 compartment and let attendant to broadcast for finding passengers engaged in medical work.


When the head of train crew arrived at the scene, she found a foreign doctor over 30 year-old was already carrying on rescue to the patient. Subsequently, some doctors rush one after another to the 14th compartment. Because the compartment corridor was very narrow, the doctors felt very difficult to rescue the patient. They hurriedly lifted the patient to the platform; this time already was 10:00 pm.


The foreign doctor rushed in the front, rapidly carried on the artificial respiration to the patient. Although the patient had phlegm in his mouth, the foreign doctor didn't mind and sucked up sputum mouth to mouth. After that, he rapidly ripped open the patient's shirt, extruded his chest with hands. Several doctors helped the first aid and tried to seek valuable clues. Finally, some people found a package from the patient, which included an ID card, medical record material and heart pills. The patient's name was Yu Shouhai and came from Huantai, Shandong. According to the medical record material, he was diagnosed with the preliminary coronary disease in Binzhou hospital on March 18.


Shanghai's 120 emergency ambulance rushed to the station platform at 10:05 pm. The first-aid personnel rapidly lifted up the patient into the vehicle and left immediately. Everybody watched the ambulance leaving. The train left Shanghai on time. The 25-minute soul-stirring moment deeply printed in everybody's mind.


Director Liu Yan said with deep affection, "Several doctors, particularly the foreign doctor's behavior are so moving. Unfortunately, we now even don't know his name. I only know that he came from the United States. "





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