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  Electric Car Manufacturer Shandong Jindalu Plants 1,000 Trees With ZAP in China  



LING XIAN, China - May 3, 2007: Chinese electric car pioneer Shandong Jindalu planted 1,000 trees in China as part of a US-China joint venture with ZAP (OTCBB:ZAAP) of the United States.

Employees of Shandong Jindalu recently completed the project in honor of Earth Day 2007 to plant 1,000 trees in the city of Ling Xian, near the factory where the electric cars are manufactured. Officials from Shandong Jindalu and ZAP launched the project in October 2006 with the planting of the "America-China Friendship Tree" at Ling Xian Middle School. The trees were planted with the support of the Chinese government who allocated land to be used for this purpose.

"We have been amazed by the support everyone has shown for this project," said Yong Jiang, representing the factory in China. "Everyone is talking about green collar jobs. These workers are hardcore environmentalists because their own personal livelihood is combined with making the world a better place."

According to Shandong Jindalu president Mr. Lu, 1000 trees were planted to honor their commitment on past XEBRA production as well as in dedication to a new manufacturing facility planned for completion this summer.

Shandong Jindalu and ZAP entered into a strategic partnership last year to fight global warming by designing, manufacturing and marketing electric vehicles. Experts say that two of the best ways to fight global warming are to use electric vehicles in place of gas vehicles, and plant trees to absorb C02 emissions. The two companies have agreed that for each vehicle delivered, trees would be planted, with an overall goal to plant one million trees by 2010.

ZAP says that it takes approximately 200 trees to absorb the carbon dioxide emissions from one gas car annually. Electric cars reduce automotive emissions by 90 percent compared to gas cars, including the emissions from power plants.

As part of the venture, Shandong Jindalu and ZAP are challenging individuals, businesses, corporations, governments and other groups to join its "Million Tree Challenge." The two companies have linked up with tree planting organizations around the world to plant trees in equatorial regions for as little as $0.10 a tree. ZAP says that over 67,000 trees have already been planted so far in the name of the challenge.





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