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  The Designer's Granddaughter of the Old Railway Station's Transnational Roots-seeking tour in Jinan  



 Photo of the old railway station in Jinan

 Photo of the old railway station in Jinan

 Photo of the old railway station in Jinan

Ms. Sylvia Fliegenschmid donated photos of the old railway station in Jinan to Shandong Jianzhu University

    By Yin Yutao, Wang Lei, Sui Joe, Zhao Hongdong (DZWWW.COM)

    The Tianjin-Pukou Railway Jinan Station, designed by German young architect Mr. Hermann Fischer, was completed in 1912. It was regarded as the most beautiful railway station that had ever been built by Germans in the Far East. On December 3, 2012, at the 100th anniversary of the Tianjin-Pukou Railway Jinan Station, Ms. Sylvia Fliegenschmid, the 64-year-old granddaughter of Mr. Hermann Fischer accepted the invitation from Shandong Jianzhu University and began her ten days' root-seeking tour in Jinan. Dazhong website covered her whole trip through shooting videos, taking pictures and writing reports. During her trip, Ms. Sylvia Fliegenschmid not only found her grandfather's former residence, but also made friends with many fans of the old railway station in Jinan. Her trip also drew the attention from many German media and politicians.  
Sylvia shed tears when she heard of "Jinan", shared memories of the old railway station in Jinan with netizens

    Ms. Sylvia Fliegenschmid and her husband arrived in Jinan on the evening of December 3 and met netizens in the studio of Dazhong website for the first time. She shed tears when she heard of "Jinan" in the interview. Sylvia said that she was eager to come back to her grandfather's former home in Jinan and listen to stories about the old railway station. Besides, she also brought more than 100 photos of the old railway station. She would share her memories of the old railway station with Jinaners in the photo exhibition co-held by Shandong Jianzhu University and Dazhong website.

Sylvia donated old photos in the photo exhibition and these photos revived people's emotion to the old railway station

    On December 5th, Sylvia donated her precious family photos collection of the old railway station to Jinan Municipal Archives during the photo exhibition named "Mr. Fischer with the old railway station in Jinan and cultural buildings heritage practices by Shandong Jianzhu University". Ms. Sylvia Fliegenschmid said she was very happy in the process of sharing these old photos with people in Jinan. She also hoped she would come back to this beautiful city again when the Railway Building Museum of Shandong Jianzhu University be accomplished next year.
    Emotion of Jinaners to the old railway station was triggered again in the photo exhibition. Sylvia was embraced warmly by two 82-year-old Jinaners and she was moved by the enthusiasm of the audience.

Sylvia found her grandfather's former residence near the railway station and she brought a handful of dirt to home

    On December 8th, accompanied by Shandong Jianzhu University's associate professor Mr. Jiang Bo, Sylvia couple came to a German architecture at Station Street 3th to found her grandfather's home in Jinan, which has a history of one hundred years in the east of Jinan railway station. During the visit, Ms. Sylvia held the photo of her grandparents' residence in her hand and said ^It is a surprise for me to find my grandparents' house in Jinan and I feel very happy to come back to home. ̄
    On the morning of December 11th, Sylvia couple came to the housing removing site in Jinan Guanzhaying Street. When they heard that old railway station would be rebuilt at the construction site, they were excited and said that the rehabilitation effect chart of the station would maintain the original appearance of the old railway station. She wanted to share the good news with her friends and relatives in Germany. Sylvia said that she wanted to bring a handful of dirt from Jinan back to Germany. Therefore, on that day the government official from Tianqiao district made her dream come true. Jinan would rebuild the old railway station and ^Roots Trip ̄ caused a sensation in Germany.

    Sylvia¨s visit also drew the attention of local government in Germany

  During an interview with Mr. Bi Xiaoqi, the CPC Secretary of Jinan Tianqiao district, Mr. Bi Xiaoqi told reporters that the North Station Plaza' s demolition work had been basically completed and it was in the process of inviting tenders. It was rebuilt by JCKT to reproduce the elegance of the old railway station's clock tower.
    On December 6th, Sylvia told reporters from DZWWW that the root-seeking trip caused a sensation in Germany when she visited the Jinan Municipal Archives. Politicians and people were concerned about her activities in Jinan and several German media wanted to publish these activities. Jinan Municipal Archives would search data of the old railway station in Jinan and Sylvia couple would like to help to find data in Berlin, Munich and some other places.

Many Thanks to friends for accompanying them and to Dazhong website's reports

    On the morning of December 12th, the ^roots-seeking trip ̄ of Sylvia came to an end. On behalf of many net friends, reporters from Dazhong website sent a U disk to Sylvia couple as a gift, which contains all news reports, pictures and videos of this trip.
    Ms. Sylvia Fliegenschmid accepted the U disk and wanted to say something, but she was too excited to say anything and just sobbed. When she looked at three reporters of Dazhong website accompanied them all the time, Sylvia felt a little sad and tears filled in her eyes.
    After she calmed down, Sylvia said emotionally that she didn't know how to describe her mood at that time owing to communicating with people in English. ^Thanks to all people for accompanying me. Thanks to Dazhong website for reporting the news. Thank you for doing everything for my family and me. ̄
    On December 13th, Sylvia and her husband went back to Germany and they promised to come back next year.





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