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  Donation Ceremony for SDU Xue Yusheng Education Fund Held  



President of SDU Zhang Rong (right) awards the donation certificate to Prof. Xue Yusheng (left), Menber of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Honorary President of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute

  On October 11, a donation ceremony for the SDU Xue Yusheng Education Fund was held on the Qianfoshan Campus, Shandong University. President of SDU Zhang Rong, Menber of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Honorary President of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Prof. Xue Yusheng and his wife Ms. Pan Zhengyu, attended the donation ceremony. Chief Accountant of Shandong University and Vice Chairman of SDU Education Foundation, Cao Shengyuan presided over the ceremony.

  Zhang Rong awarded the donation certificate to Prof. Xue and also thanked him for his care and support of the alma mater.

  Zhang said that Prof. Xue has remarkable achievements in the academic field and made a significant contribution to the development of our country¨s electric power industry.

  He said that Prof. Xue and his wife¨s decision to donate to Shandong University from their personal savings is a sign of great love for SDU, and will provide a strong model to all of SDU friends and students. 

  The establishment of the SDU Xue Yusheng Education Fund, he stated, would not only bring a strong driving force to the talent cultivation and disciplinary development for electrical engineering and its related disciplines, but also encourage more alumni to dedicated their alma mater.

  Prof. Xue thanked his alma mater for helping him realize his dream. He modestly said that his donation is from his gratitude towards his alma mater, which is simply a modest contribution by an ordinary alumnus.

  He expressed his hope that the younger students would be excellent graduates, to create a positive opinion of ideals, faith, as well as being thankful, and have a sense of responsibility and a good conscience in the future.

  Representatives of Alumni, Dean of Shandong Electric Power Research Institue, State Grid Corporation of China, Su Jianjun, and President of Shandong University Alumni Association in Nanjing, Xiao Shaorong, both made speeches. 

  They said that Prof. Xue¨s gratitude to their alma mater has deeply moved and inspired everyone. They believed that the alumni from around the world would continually care for and support their alma mater in various ways in the future.

  Liu Yutian, Dean of School of Electrical Engineering introduced to the establishment of Education Fund.

  Previous to the ceremony, President Zhang met with Prof. Xue and his wife Ms. Pan, as well as Alumni Su Jianjun and Xiao Shaorong.

  Prof. Xue Yusheng and his wife Ms. Pan Zhengyu have donated RMB 3,000,000, which is most of their personal savings, to establish the SDU Xue Yusheng Education Fund. The donated money will be an endowment fund, and Shandong University Education Foundation will be responsible for preserving and increasing the value of this donation. The value-added part of each year will be used to issue the SDU Xue Yusheng Scholarships, to encourage the excellent undergraduates and postgraduates from the School of Electrical Engineering and the School of Energy & Power Engineering. It will also be used to set up the post of SDU Xue Yusheng Chair Professor to support the talents cultivation and disciplines construction.

  Translated by Jing Zi-zhao

  Photoed by Yang Yun-lei





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