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Jining city is located at the center of the Grand Canal in the Southwest of the Shandong province. The total city area is 10,685 Square kilometer, population is about 7,800,000.

Jining city is located at the center of the Grand Canal in the Southwest of the Shandong province. The total city area is 10,685 Square kilometer, population is about 7,800,000. Jining city controls Shizhong district, Rencheng district, Qufu city, Zoucheg city, Yanzhou city, Liangshang country, Sisui country, Weishan country, Yutai country, Jinxiang country, Jiaxiang country, and Wenshang country.


Jining city is in the temperate monsoon zone. The difference of four seasons is clear, and there is wide difference between cold and hot.


Main crops are wheat, paddy rice, corn, sweet potato, cotton, and so on. Jining city produces food, cotton and oil. They account for 10% of agricultural products in Shandong province. Qufu rice, Yunong 1 rice, Sisui soybean are specialties. Jinxiang country is famous as a "Hometown of Chinese garlic" which was named for the nation.


Jining city is one of the six concentrated industrial cities in the Shandong area. There are machine, chemical brew, electron, coal, building materials, spinning, and so on. The city is one of the important "open door" industrial areas.

Jining is one of the major energy bases in Shandong Province. Yanzhou Mining Bureau is one of the most modernized coal mining enterprises and Zouxian Electric Power Plant is the biggest electric power plant in Shandong Province. Jining is also famous for its handicraft industry. Leather and pickles have been the most famous products of Jining City. Weishan Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Shandong Province and  a rich aquatic resource. Jining also has advanced industries such as textile, drug manufacturing, winemaking, food processing, chemical fertilizer manufacturing, cement and building material manufacturing.


Jining is one of the railway communication centers in Shandong Province. The Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Xinxiang-Yanzhou-Shijiu Railway Intersect at Yanzhou. 104 National Highway cross the city from south to north. Jining Harbor is the only big harbor, which is operated the year round in the north part of the Great Canal and still keeps the ancient style. Flights to many main cities at home are available at Jining Airport located at Jiaxiang County.

History and culture

The history of Jining city is very old. It was called the Ancient Reng State in the Ka dynasty, the Ancient Ren state and the Ancient Lu State in the Syu dynasty, and called the Ancient Ren castle in the Sin dynasty.??Under the Gen dynasty, because the height above the sea level was rather high, the city could avoid flood of the Jining River. This incident was called "Old River saved Jining". So this city was named Jining in 1271.

Jining city is the hometown of Confucius, who was a great thinker and educator in ancient China. Mencius, Yanzhou, Lengthen and Kanji were born in this city. There are many historic points in Shandong, and almost 300 historic points; over 70 ancient buildings and over 60 ancient tombs are still preserved. Qufu city and Zoucheng city are designated as national cultural cities.

Jining has many famous cultural relics such as Qufu----the hometown of Confucius and Zoucheng, the hometown of Mencius. Others include Weishan Lake, Yishan Mountain in Zoucheng, Iron Tower Temple in the center of Jining City, Xinglong Tower in Yanzhou City and Quanlin in Sishui County.

Three Kongs

Mansion of Confucius, Temple of Confucius and Forest of Confucius are in Qufu city in the east part of Jining city. They are called Three Kongs and authorized as "world heritage" by UNESCO of the United Nations. Every year no less than 5,500,000 people from home and abroad visit this city. Mansion of Confucius is the place where descendants of Confucius lived.

Temple of Confucius is the place where Confucius had been enshrined for a long time. The forest of Confucius is also called the Sacred Confucian Forest and it's the cemetery of Confucius and his family that was build in almost 20,000 a one area. 

Liang Mountain

Liang Mountain (Shimen Mountain) is in the west part of Jining and is a scenic spot. It is one of the four cradles of martial arts. And it's also where 108 warrior of famous "Shuihuzhuan" gathered and raised a riot.

Besides this, there are many historic spot such as remains of old castle in Lu state, Mansion of Mencius, Temple of Mencius, Forest of Mencius, Taibai Building, Iron Pagoda Temple, Sound Reaching Far Temple, Han Ren Cheny King Tomb and so on all over this city.





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